Gilgamesh Productions LLC is the spiritual film production company headed by John-Roger, DSS and Jsu Garcia, DSS.

The name Gilgamesh was chosen by John-Roger and Garcia for many reasons. "Gilgamesh" was a warrior king and hero who is believed to date back to the third millennium B.C., who possessed great knowledge and wisdom, and who is credited to preserving information of the days before the great flood. Gilgamesh wrote on tablets of stone, of his adventures and of his determined search for immortality. Gilgamesh was a Mystical Traveler; a man possessing the supreme God-form consciousness whose nature is love, joy and upliftment, and who brings forward greater health, wealth and happiness to this physical level. There has always been a Mystical Traveler on Earth to assist in the awakening of consciousness on the planet. Mystical Travelers include Jesus Christ, Buddha, Krishna and many well-known spiritual leaders throughout time. Read More...

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